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Milk the Franchise | February 22, 2018

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28 Days Later

In May 2015, 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland revealed to Indiewire that he came up with an idea for a third zombie film and passed off his idea to series producers Andrew Macdonald  and Danny Boyle. Macdonald is said to be working on the project but no word on it current status.


“I don’t want to sound overly judgmental about it, because it’s very easy to get precious about this stuff,” Garland told Indiewire. “I don’t feel that way about, but the thing of expecting and needing more of something, has it’s own built-in issues, I think. Because most stories don’t stand up to being repeated.”


Although Garland stayed on as Executive Producer in the sequel 28 Weeks Later, he wasn’t interested in any followup until 2015. Ironically, it was his collaboration with co-producer Danny Boyle on a potential sequel to Trainspotting that sparked his interest in 28 Months Later.  The rights to all the 28 Days Later films are co-owned by Garland, Macdonald, Boyle and 20th Century Fox.