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Milk the Franchise | January 18, 2018

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All of Me

The 1980’s witness an abundance of body-swap films, but possibly the best one is Carl Reiner’s All of Me, starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. NBC is developing a half-hour TV anthology remake of the 1984 film, with Betsy Thomas serving as showrunner, Executive Producer and writer.


The original film was based on the book Me Two, written by Edwin Davis. Martin played Roger Cobb, the attorney hired by terminally ill millionaire Edwina Cutwater, played by Lily Tomlin. The eccentric Cutwater wanted to make a last minute change to her will by bequeathing her entire estate to a beautiful young woman, in who a mystic transfer of her soul to the young beauty’s body goes wrong and Edwina’s soul is instead shared with Cobb, Martin’s brilliant physical comedy and Tomlin’s wry with make this a classic from the mid 80’s.


The anthology series will see a different person jumping into the protagonist’s body on a weekly basis, guaranteeing complete boredom by episode 4.