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Milk the Franchise | September 23, 2017

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Return to the Stargate wormhole

Return to the Stargate wormhole

| On 30, May 2014

A hit movie, several live action and animated TV series, books, comic books and a computer game is not enough for the universe of Stargate. Twenty years after the first feature film, director Roland Emmerich is reteaming up with co-writer Dean Devlin on a proposed trilogy to be produced by MGM and Warner Bros.

The original 1994 film starred Kurt Russell and James Spader in a futuristic military sci-fi centered around a “Stargate,’ a circular device that creates a wormhole between other Stargates many light years away. The film grossed almost $200 million and spawned a massive franchise including Stargate SG-1 television series, which ran for 10 seasons and helped put the SyFy channel on the map.

Emmerich is currently busy shooting the gay rights drama Stonewall based on the 1969 New York City riots. From there, he heads into production on two Independence Day sequels, ID Forever Part I and Part II, so it may be several years before we see the first Stargate film. It has not been confirmed if Emmerich will be directing the two followup movies or if this is trilogy will be a reboot or continue from the Stargate universe from the past two decades.

MGM is in full pursuit of movie franchises. Currently franchise productions at MGM include James Bond, The Hobbit and a plethora of sequels including 22 Jump Street, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, G.I. Joe. MGM is also in the remake business with Poltergeist and Ben Hur in production and RoboCop and Hercules out in 2014.

Warner Bros. is moving ahead with sequels to Dolphin Tale and Horrible Bosses, after an erratic few months of franchise releases including Godzilla, 300, The Lego Movie, Veronica Mars, The Hangover and Man of Steel. Both Warner and MGM have been working together on The Hobbit franchise.

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