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Milk the Franchise | November 23, 2017

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Did Guardians of the Galaxy make DC Comics blink?

Did Guardians of the Galaxy make DC Comics blink?

| On 06, Aug 2014

In what can only be described as a mega-million dollar game of chicken, DC Comics/Warner Bros. moved up their release date for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice two months to March 25, 2016, surrendering the weekend of May 6, 2016 over to Captain America 3. The significance of this move will not be completely analyzed until mid-2016 when both films have been critiqued and the box office receipts counted, but we can jot down some notes for now.

This battle of the comic-book superhero movies began several months ago when Warner Bros. locked in the May 6 release date for Batman v Superman. It was a shaky time for DC & Warner Bros. Very late to the Cinematic Universe game, last year’s Man of Steel met with mediocre feedback despite impressive box office totals. Somewhat riding high on their first entry into a planned slate of several films, DC Comics/Warner Bros. doubled down with the help of Man of Steel director Zack Snyder by announcing casting choices for both Wonder Woman and Batman for the sequel.

Reactions were swift and somewhat nasty. Gal Gadot (Fast and the Furious) as Wonder Woman met with online scrutiny and outrage. Many speculated the brunette beauty was too thin and not muscular enough to portray the Amazonian princess, leaving out the fact that the actress would never give these online trolls the time of day ever, except maybe at Comic-Con.

The announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman met with a collective thud. The former Daredevil didn’t even had a chance until Snyder may have felt compelled to leak photos of the new caped crusader to quiet the hordes of haters dismissing a film before one single frame was shot.

Meanwhile, over at Marvel Entertainment, they “quietly” released Captain America: The Winter Soldier to rave reviews, massive box office and the collective agreement that it was the best super hero film in a long time, or at least in 2014. Add to that the generous amount of online buzz for their B-comicbook movie Guardians of the Galaxy was getting very positive feedback, Marvel was feeling a bit cocky.

These two events led Marvel to formulate the outrageous plan to go up against another superhero film by pitting Captain America 3 against Batman v Superman on May 6, 2016.

Speculation was rampant on who would blink first. There was no way two competing superhero films could open on the same weekend. Surely one had to blink. But which one.

Now, just days after the Marvel’s B-comicbook movie Guardians of the Galaxy opened with record numbers. stellar reviews and an already announced sequel, the good folks at DC/Warner blinked and moved up Batman v Superman to late March 2016.

Now Zack Snyder’s anticipated Man of Steel followup will go against Brett Ratner’s Beverly Hills Cop spinoff/sequel. Snyder shouldn’t worry; Ratner’s latest film, Hercules with Dwayne Johnson failed to take on Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy and is currently wallowing in non-trending obscurity.

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