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Milk the Franchise | October 21, 2017

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Lesson not learned: Indiana Jones 5 will happen

Lesson not learned: Indiana Jones 5 will happen

| On 02, Oct 2014

The first clue has been revealed in the fortune hunt for box office gold and Indiana Jones crack his whip at least one more time in the near future.
When Walt Disney reached their historic deal with George Lucas and acquired Lucasfilm for $4 billion, most of the news coverage centered around Star Wars. Left buried in the fine print was that the transaction also included the Indiana Jones franchise. It took a year to finalize the Indy properties due to a previous distribution deal with Paramount Pictures, but it looks like the Wonderful World of Disney is ready to reboot another potential revenue stream alongside their sequel-making machines at Marvel, Pixar and in-house production department.
In an career expose in Variety, cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, made the offhand remark that his “next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.” There has been no confirmation from Walt Disney or Lucasfilm reps, but this is the first “official” comment on the fedora wearing, whip snapping, archeologist since the disaster that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Rumors have been circulating for several years, including Harrison Ford’s reluctant reprisal of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII only on the commitment that Indiana Jones 5 would go into production with him in the lead. Other rumors include a series reboot with a new Indy in the James Bond style of recast lead every few years. Bradley Cooper’s name was also thrown around as a possible replacement, but that was more fanboy speculation than actual contract negotiations. One name that is never mentioned is Indy’s son, portrayed by Shia LaBeouf in the alien-fest fourth installment.
Several questions need to be asked on this unsurprising, breaking franchise news. Steven Spielberg’s offhand apology to fans for Indy 4 may be enough of a reason to lure him back and fully erase the memory of spinning spaceships. George Lucas appears to be in full retirement, only acting as a consultant on the Star Wars sequel, so he may not be involved whatsoever. Finally, is Harrison Ford too old to escape from booby-trapped mazes and a variety of insect and reptilian species?
Whatever the case, Indiana Jones will return in one form or the other. Disney spent plenty of money and has to answer to shareholders. Indiana Jones will once again bring in “fortune and glory.”
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