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Milk the Franchise | February 22, 2018

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Executive Producer Adi Shankar shot down a potential sequel, but star Karl Urban believes a second film is possible. A Facebook petition is calling for a sequel and over 80,000 signatures have been collected supporting a campaign for a sequel.
2000 AD, the comic publishers, recently launched a Facebook fan page, calling October 1, 2015 the “Day of the Dredd.”
Star Urban stated in 2014: “Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with (Dredd writer) Alex Garland this morning. It’s not off the agenda. Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it. It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects. In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek. They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”
But Alex Garner recently told IGN that a Dredd sequel is “dead in the water.”