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Milk the Franchise | October 21, 2017

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Escape from New York

Neil Cross
BASED ON A STORY BY: John Carpenter
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Silver Pictures and StudioCanal 
A remake of the John Carpenter classic has been discussed since 2007. Gerard Butler was attached with producer Neal Moritz and writer Ken Nolan
New Line Cinema acquired the rights from StudioCanal and Carpenter was hired to serve as an executive producer. Several directors were rumored including Len Wiseman, Brett Ratner, Jonathan Mostow and Breck Eisner. Butler dropped out of the project, soon to be followed by Jeremy Renner, Jason Statham and Tom Hardy. 
New Line and Warner Bros. then lost interest with the rights later picked up by Joel Silver and his company Silver Pictures and StudioCanal. Silver has stated the remake/reboot will be the first in a trilogy with  elements inspired by the video game Batman: Arkham City.  Despite Carpenter’s lack of interest in remakes of any of his films, he did draw up a contract that Snake Plissken not only must always wear an eyepatch, but he must also “always be a badass.”