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Milk the Franchise | October 21, 2017

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Plan 9 from Outer Space

RELEASE DATE: February 16, 2016
DIRECTOR: John Johnson
WRITER: John Johnson
CAST: Brian Krause, James Rolfe, Matthew Ewald, Camille Keaton, Addy Miller, Michael Christopher, Monique Dupree, Mr. Lobo, Angela Pritchett, Lana Young, Conrad Brooks
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Darkstone Entertainment


In production for almost ten years, writer/director John Johnson’s remake of Ed Wood’s classic horror film will be out on VOD in February 2016 before hitting DVD 90 days later.



Official Synopsis:

Plan 9 is the story of Nilbog, a small town with a big story – the beginning of an alien invasion! However, instead of lasers, space ships and epic force, these aliens have a different plan for the inhabitants of Earth – to resurrect the dead as their own army set with but one goal… to wipe out all of mankind! Only the towns folk on this Halloween night stand in the way of total domination. From the police department, to those trapped in a convenient store and even those trying to stay alive in the streets, this night will decide the fates of all who walk the planet who thought they were at the top of the food chain.