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Milk the Franchise | February 20, 2018

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Last Woman on Earth

THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH (1960) – This is future Best Screenplay OSCAR winner (CHINATOWN) Robert Towne. He also wrote the movie under that name, but he’s billed for his acting role as ‘Edwin Wain’. Famously thrifty director Roger Corman made the most out of his location shoot in Puerto Rico by filming two other movies while there. Robert Towne also starred and wrote one of the other two films CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA.



Co-screenwriter Buck Henry as the Hotel Clerk in THE GRADUATE (1967).

Midnight Cowboy 2

The host of the local talk show on the right, is played (uncredited) by the movie’s screenwriter Waldo Salt, who had been a victim of the Hollywood blacklist, before winning the Oscar in 1969 for Best Adapted Screenplay for MIDNIGHT COWBOY and again in 1978 for COMING HOME. His daughter Jennifer Salt also has a small role in COWBOY, as Buck’s former girlfriend back in Texas.

Animal House2

NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE co-writer Douglas C. Kenney as Stork leading the Faber University marching band down an alley.
Kenney later co-wrote the screenplay to CADDYSHACK with Brian-Doyle Murray. When CADDYSHACK opened to negative reviews in July 1980, Kenney became extremely depressed. At a press conference, Kenney verbally abused reporters and then fell into a drunken stupor. After a prolonged cocaine binge, Kenney’s friend Chevy Chase took him to Hawaii to relax him. It was there on August 27, 1980, at aged 33, Kenney fell from a thirty-foot cliff called the Hanapepe Lookout.


CADDYSHACK (1980) co-screenwriter Douglas Kenney in the black tux as Al Czervik’s (Rodney Dangerfield) dinner guest.

When Caddyshack opened to negative reviews in July 1980, Kenney became extremely depressed, though director Harold Ramis joked that the film was “a six-million-dollar scholarship to film school”. At a press conference, Kenney verbally abused reporters and then fell into a drunken stupor. Concerned friends began asking Kenney to seek professional help, but by that time he was out of control, joking about previous suicide attempts, driving recklessly, and using increasing amounts of cocaine. Soon after the release of CADDYSHACK, Kenney committed suicide.


Co-screenwriter Carl Gottlieb is Iron Balls McGinty in THE JERK (1979)

The Howling 2

The tall morgue attendant in THE HOWLING (1981) is the screenwriter John Sayles, who had gotten his start in the movie industry working for Roger Corman. Besides writing the script for director Joe Dante’s previous movie, PIRANHA, Sayles is also known for acting in occasional bit parts, as well as directing such acclaimed films as EIGHT MEN OUT, MATEWAN, and LONE STAR.


One of 20 cameo’s in the 1985 John Landis film INTO THE NIGHT. Waldo Salt, two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter of MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969) and COMING HOME (1978), as the derelict who informs Ed (Jeff Goldblum) of his car having been towed. Salt also wrote the screenplay for SERPICO (1973)


Jonathan Lynn, writer of the BBC series YES, MINISTER, as the tailor who fits the SAVAK agents in INTO THE NIGHT (1985).


Co-screenwriter Phil Hartman as a reporter at the end of PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE (1985). Hartman co-wrote the script with Paul Reubens and Michael Varhol.


Co-Screenwriter Michael Varhol as the tourist photographer on the left in PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE (1985).

Jurrasic Park II_2

Screenplay writer David Koepp just before getting eaten by a T-Rex in THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK (1997).

Hot Fuzz

In HOT FUZZ (2007), THE OFFICE (UK) co-creator/co-writer Stephen Merchant shows up as Peter Ian Staker. He calls the Sanford police office to report the town swan as missing and provides a description (“…about two foot tall, white, a bit of black across the head… well, he’s a SWAN.”)


EVIL DEAD II co-writer Scott Spiegel appears as a man who attempts to eat some pizza Spider-Man is delivering in SPIDERMAN 2 (2004). Spiegel and SPIDERMAN director Sam Raimi were also High School classmates and longtime friends.


Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin plays an ad executive with a napping Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield in THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010).


Co-screenwriter Annie Mumolo (along with co-writer Kristen Wiig) as a nervous passenger in BRIDESMAIDS (2011).


J. Michael Straczynski, one of the two writers of THOR (2011) discovers a strange sledge hammer imbedded in the New Mexico desert. Straczynski is probably best known as the creator of the Sci-Fi series BABYLON 5.