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Milk the Franchise | April 22, 2016

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The Last Starfighter

The original 1984 cult classic screenwriter, Jonathan Betuel has been working on  a trilogy for some time. In May 2015, Betuel said ““This gets tied up in all kinds of stuff, what the next step is, and I’m working on that right now… There are a lot of things going on that will see the light of day. It’s complicated, it’s great, it’s a privilege, and it’s going to be taken care of… It’s good to be working with a team that wants to see it go. I think that the story deserves to continue. I had written a trilogy. It started as The Sword in the Stone, and then it became like Harry Potter …  follow the life of a young starfighter, where he awakens to a bigger world and bigger reality and learns it doesn’t come gift-wrapped.”


The main issue is who controls the rights. Steven Spielberg once told Seth Rogen that he was unable to obtain the rights. Universal Pictures may own the theatrical, home distribution and remake rights, while Warner Bros controls the international distribution rights, but Betuel has the rights to make a sequel but not a reboot or remake.