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Milk the Franchise | November 16, 2016

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The Back to the Future Hoverboard is Real...sort of

The Back to the Future Hoverboard is Real…sort of

| On 22, Oct 2014

“Hey kid, let me borrow your…hoverboard?”
One of the most talked-about gadgets from a subpar sequel is still generating buzz, twenty five years after is first came into our conscience. The infamous hoverboard that Marty rode on in Back to the Future II is actually being developed by the engineers of Arx Pax, a group of uber-nerds looking for funding on Kickstarter.
It glides about 1 inch off the ground, not quite the maximum of 1 foot Marty experienced when he was chased by Biff and his minions. As in the movie, it won’t work on water, but it also won’t float on much else. Rebranded Hendo, the engineers state that their 18th prototype requires a metal ground to actually hover, so no asphalt, soil, lawn or other surfaces from familiar to the residents of Hillside.
The developers envision metallic surfaced hoverboard parks, similar to the skateboard hilly concrete enclaves covering North America today.
But it does defy gravity, albeit for a very limited time. The hoverboards drain battery power very quickly, which may be a lot to ask for a $10k wheel-less skateboard prototype. And its very loud. Like “high-pitched screech” and a “cacophony of squeals” loud according to The Verge.
But you gotta start somewhere.  
Arx Pax is led by Greg and Jill Henderson, developers specializing in magnetic technologies. The Hendo is actually a publicity stunt to bring more focus on their more serious patents, including a foundation system to prevent earthquake damage.  
“We can’t go over water or sidewalks yet. This is the Model T,” Greg Henderson told the New York Times in defense of his creation. A Model T that can’t go far, run for very long and difficult to ride. Its more like a horse and buggy, without the horse and octagon wheels.
The question remains if the technology reaches full production in a few years; will the world be cursed by an evil, floating Green Goblin before a radioactive spider bites a brooding teenager in a lab?
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